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All the candidates are having books, all the candidates are dedicated to work and most of them attend coaching institutions, take guidance from seniors and friends but what makes one success and another failure. Students say they studied for 18 hours and still they couldn’t qualify the examination. Others say they studied only for 8-9 hours and qualify the examination. Why these differences? It is due to lack of proper strategy and guidance otherwise talent of all the students are more or less same.

One who is able to qualify the exam never counts the hours and how many books he/she has read. But they know what to read, what not to read, how much to read, how to use when required writing the answers. Civil Services exam never wants one to be ideal. It requires creativity, innovativeness and dynamism within the candidates, who lack to use his/her knowledge properly they feel tough to clear the exam. Before starting the preparation find out properly what to read, what not to read, what types of question are asked from particular topics. After taking guidance from others put own strategy, better strategy makes one success in exam. While preparing for the examination yours best guide is the previous years question paper and syllabus.

Honourable director- P.K . Mishra and honourable executive director Kailash Mishra envisaged how to translate Indian youth into the real achievers. So, they founded Destination IAS Academy together in 1999. It has been 24 years now while sailing this institute. Many ups and downs passed by. But, they firmly stood and polished the hidden talent of the ambitious youth. Their success entitled their institution with the best IAS Coaching in DelhiThis appraisal gives them a push to ascend relentlessly.

Their idea is to emboss the hidden talent of aspiring youths. So, their academy is indeed doing incredibly well to retain its position as the top IAS coaching institution in Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi. This best IAS academy in Delhi prepares a cadet that successfully cracks through the UPSC examination. The headcount of their achievers is increasing year by year.

Learning Medium is No Barrier

It’s an uphill climb to reach the top, but the teaching pros in this academy have derived their own ways. They know that the medium of learning plays a key role in education. So, they provide IAS training in Hindi as well as English language. What tutorials they offer reflect the language that the students want to learn in. This is how the aspirants gain a competitive edge by selecting the learning medium of their choice.

Interactive Workshops & Seminars

We want our aspirants to stay ahead of the curve. But, the way to attain the achiever’s category is a big deal. To make it like a piece of cake, we come with some innovative IAS training ideas along with the course offered. So, we come with the interactive workshops and seminars in the digital settings. Also, the training becomes more impactful when it comes through the real-life civil servants and experts. They share what strategy they followed to become a forerunner.

Soft Skills Development

Apart from the academy and exam details, they focus on developing soft skills through their training. A few workshops change the way how our aspirants think, feel and express. What we teach here has great emphasis on the ethics, acknowledgment, social achievements and mind-development. In compliance with the frequent and overwhelming request for the online class, we have geared it up. Now, the eager beavers can burn the midnight oil and catch the IAS training sessions from wherever they are, be in the Metro or at home. We offer online IAS coaching, which is proving really valuable for curious aspirants. We understand that reaching your dream destination is a big deal. With remote education, we make it easier. We never want you to compromise on your preparations during pandemics. It’s a genuine effort from your true mentors.

We’re Achievers

The approach of our best IAS coaching academy is comprehensive. The way it’s leaving no stone unturned for creating achievers has received an overwhelming response from the students across the pan Delhi. Till today, this academy registered 500+ selections in the IAS & PCS examinations. Our achievers conferred these ranks-1, 10, 35, 36, 48, 96, 172 in the IAS examinations. The success rate is still spiking up and up with every IAS selection.

Why Choose Destination IAS Academy for UPSC Coaching?

Destination IAS Academy is your own one-stop civil service examination coaching centre. We have over two decades long education journey. It is still going on and one. With it, we let you achieve something big in your life. We train the next-gen IAS officers who receive prestigious government jobs, high positions,reputation, great salary packages and all that can make their dreams come true. Besides these, we prepare a more confident, bolder and better version of dynamic personalities. Instead of just doing our jobs, we personally get involved in the best civil services coaching in Delhi. This personalization boosts aspirants to do everything for passing through this acid test. With IAS online coaching, we ensure your way to success. These are no big words, but a reality. Unlike others, we believe in doing indeed instead of amplifying.

Exceptional Features & Facilities

  • We have been training since 1999 & reached a milestone of 22 years’ experience.
  • We have a faculty of cooperative trainers who are current & former IAS achievers.
  • We come with a library facility for all, ensuring the availability of all study materials.
  • We are proud to have 500+ selections in UPSC since the day we started this journey.
  • We have online courses availability for remote training during lockdown situation.
  • We provide coaching in Hindi & English medium while maintaining the essence.
  • We offer the best IAS coaching in Delhi with low fee to make it really affordable.
  • We offer highly competitive & understandable study material for all aspirants.

“Guiding with a Purpose” by Selfless Mentors

We make you committed to invest in your dream civil services. Our motive is to push you towards goalsof getting a reputed position by successfully cracking through this prestigious examination. It requires an effective approach& predefined strategy. We, as the centre of the best UPSC coaching in Delhi, support you with the “best guidance from selfless mentors”. Our team of trainers focuses on preparing the next generation of the best civil servants in record breaking numbers. We offer exceptional study material, which is prepared by our expert trainers. Having exceptional materials can do minimal help. We believe in maximizing it with continuous refining and making it extremely simple and understandable. We frequently put our energy in figuring out the lags you suffer from. This discovery encourages us to come with a refined version of the best IAS coaching in Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi. This is a relentless activity.

We try hard to map your difficulties and then, come with corresponding solutions, study material and improved way of trainings. “Live-classes” during pandemics and remote guidance over the internet are the next-level assistance. This is what only exceptional thinkers can provide. We are the one that offers the best IAS academy in Delhi for Hindi & English Medium. It defines our approach and incredible strategy. We actually want to pass the legacy of our knowledge to our upcoming generation. This is the only way to prepare a bolder generation that is ready to use its confidence and knowledge for the purpose of great civil services.

If you have something more to ask, you can give us a call. We’ll provide free counseling and administer your all ifs and buts regarding the IAS courses.


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